BCB Group is a regulated financial services enterprise pushing the boundaries in the digital asset space, with a dedicated focus on business accounts and cryptocurrency market liquidity for institutional clients.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest crypto-engaged financial institutions who demand robust technology and services to continue to innovate in digital markets. 

Our focused range of services includes business banking, global payment rails, cryptocurrency and fx trading, and digital custody.

BCB Group’s services relieve the operational burdens that come with this highly technical asset class, allowing our partners to focus on generating value for their clients.

BCB Group is the first digital asset financial services group with dual regulation in the UK and Switzerland and we are Europe’s fastest-growing business banking solution for the digital asset market.

Our board is made up of highly experienced finance professionals and technology pioneers, combining deep industry knowledge with innovation leadership. 


Our mission is to deliver robust, scalable and professional market infrastructure for digital asset markets including cryptocurrencies and other blockchain tokens.

Our services cover business banking for operational, trading and client purposes; OTC trading with best execution across multiple global venues; custody and escrow of fiat and cryptocurrencies; and global multi-currency settlement and payment services.

With a strong global network of banking partners, our segregated client accounts enable clients to settle market trades in their own name, take third party deposits and make third party payments, all at wholesale FX rates and trading spreads.

BCB Group delivers professionalisation for institutions engaged in frontier markets.


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