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Institutional Cryptocurrency Partner


About BCB Group

BCB Group is a cryptocurrency prime broker, a service specifically designed to cater to the needs of institutional clients who need OTC best execution for their own accounts and who wish to offer cryptocurrency products and services to their own clients.

Aiming to provide seamless infrastructure covering onboarding, execution, settlement, reporting and custodianship, BCB Group’s service relieves the operational burdens that come with this highly technical asset class to allow greater focus on generating alpha.

To be "powered by BCB Group" means to have best execution on your own trades and your client trades, while we do all the heavy lifting. We settle bi-directionally and natively in GBP (onshore), EUR, USD, CHF, ZAR and in 18 other currencies.

How we do it

Our bespoke service enables clients to buy and sell some of the largest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple XRP. Through our trading platform, trades are brokered through wholesale exchanges, principal and agency OTC desks, and BCB Group’s own client order book.

BCB Group gives you and your clients an integrated gateway to the world of digital money, streamlining the process with secure stewardship of value at all points. We relieve the operational burdens that come with this highly technical asset class to allow greater focus on generating alpha.

Our Network

Our strong relationships with established UK banks allow for fast and seamless onshore settlement, a model we are replicating in the Swiss and South African markets. Our ongoing dialogue with UK, Swiss and South African regulators allow us to remain on the front foot as the landscape evolves. Our close partnerships with reputable cryptocurrency liquidity providers mitigate counterparty risk, accelerate transaction speed and allow for competitive pricing and best execution.

Our most valuable network is that of our clients, to whom we commit the safest, most informed and best value stewardship of assets throughout the process

Compliance and Risk Management

We have regular dialogue with regulatory bodies including the FCA (UK), FINMA (Switzerland) and SARB (South Africa), to closely follow developments in the regulatory environment. While this asset class remains largely unregulated, we shadow existing regulations applicable to traditional asset classes. BCB Group operates robust risk management and compliance procedures, with KYC/AML policies and procedures designed to comply fully with existing UK anti-money laundering regulations combined with prudent risk and liquidity management. Our risk management processes address credit and market risk, liquidity, operational and systemic risk.

Why we do it

As investor demand increases for clear and transparent entry into the cryptocurrency market, BCB Group aims to provide a streamlined brokerage service for clients who are seeking to gain access to the burgeoning asset class, providing support throughout the investment process.

BCB Group pledges to give 1% of net annual profits to charitable causes.

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