Whether you are an online merchant looking to accept cryptocurrencies or a blockchain business raising investor funds via digital assets, our payment gateway allows cryptocurrency payments to be processed quickly and securely, with growth-friendly pricing.

With the ability to be hosted on any modern website, the BCB Pay widget integrates seamlessly into existing technology to offer secure and efficient payment processing. Vendors, token projects and other BCB Pay clients have immediate access to funds paid through the platform.

Your Cryptocurrency and Fiat Payment Gateway

Whether you are an online merchant looking to accept cryptocurrency or a company raising digital assets, BCB Pay is a cost-effective plug-and-play solution to fit your needs.

Using the BCB Payment portal vendors, merchants and companies of all sizes can host a fully customisable widget that sends both fiat and cryptocurrency straight and securely to their account.

  • Multicurrency Support: Accept all major cryptocurrencies (except privacy tokens) and major global fiat currencies to ensure your project reaches the greatest audience. 
  • Global, Daily Settlement: Settle in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and more and receive the funds directly into your bank account. Alternatively choose your optimal balance of currencies.
  • Stable exchange rate: Guaranteed and wholesale FX rates to ensure our clients are not victim to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 
  • Portal: View all payments and track transaction data with our easy-to-use payments portal which can be integrated directly to your website.
  • Setup: Easy set up via BCB’s API with integration to all major consumer cryptocurrency wallets


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