BCB Custody is powered by industry leader Vo1t and provides a fully insured and yield-bearing solution, which gives our clients the safest and simplest way to store and clear digital assets. With full-scale technical integration of custody and clearing services on our unified platform, securing or moving your digital assets has never been easier.



Digital assets like cryptocurrencies are as diverse as they are complex. Systems of controls need to take into account the idiosyncrasies of each, while safeguarding and segregating assets.

The BCB Custody solution offers three levels of security, each with their own benefits and trade-offs in speed and cost, enabling you to find the optimal solution for your trading strategy.

Our solutions cover the spectrum of hot to cold storage, with multisignature access models, distributed key services, air-gapped hardware storage and location secrecy.


Visibility of your portfolio should be frictionless, fast and accurate.

Our balance and holdings reporting solution is available in real time and on-demand, with opt-in reporting schedules for daily, weekly, monthly or custom frequency reports.

For greater technical integration with your own systems, our secure API supports real-time balance and holdings enquiries.


It should never be difficult to access your own assets, or to understand the risks inherent to the technology and the markets.

We offer round-the-clock technical support by phone and by email for enquiries relating to issues viewing or accessing digital assets.

We also offer insights on markets and technology as part of the service, during normal office hours in UK and CET zones.

+44 20 3948 6115

The levels of security we offer sit on a sliding scale, from “hot” options that keep assets active and connected to the internet, to those that store them in a “cold remote” location, indicating higher protection. 


Our hot wallet security model offers speed and agility and suits organizations or units where the speed of execution is essential. These clients typically include high-frequency algorithmic trading units or those that demand sequential or conditional limit orders that rely on precise market timing.

We recommend that no more than 10% of client assets are hot, but this threshold can be defined by the client. Physically, these hot wallets are on the core nodes we host.

Assets that do not need to be accessed immediately are kept offline in banks of client-segregated hardware wallets. We use multi-signatory workflows to validate transactions in such a way that any physical or network attack risk is mitigated.

For the highest level of security, assets are stored across protected global locations, leveraging Vo1t Digital Custodian’s cutting-edge system design, with best practices in cybersecurity for both high value, long-term positions.

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