A secure gateway into digital asset markets is key for any institution, but our clients have a range of tools available exclusively to them. BCB Markets offers efficient price discovery, best execution and seamless daily settlement in all major world fiat currencies, and all major cryptocurrencies.

Our secure trading channels include a web UI, encrypted voice and messaging channels, and a low latency API covering live pricing, trading and reporting. We support a full range of order types expected by sophisticated financial institutions, including market orders, limit and stop orders, and algorithmically-defined TWAP/VWAP orders.


Our Prime Brokerage is tailored to each of our client’s specific needs calibrated to both volume and jurisdiction. We operate in the same way as a traditional prime broker, but with the addition of innovative proprietary technology. This allows not only for effective cryptocurrency transactions, but also a more streamlined approach to fiat currencies.


  • Guaranteed pricing for most size bands
  • Best value execution through optimal channel combination
  • Access to deep pools of liquidity in 10+ cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple order types from simple buy/sells to complex bespoke orders
  • Live pricing and order APIs


  • Native onshore settlement in GBP, USD, EUR, CHF and ZAR
  • Access to wholesale FX rates for most major world currencies
  • Access to blockchain payment rails for faster settlement
  • Secure and fast crypto settlement to validated wallets
  • Tier 1 clearing banks minimise settlement risk


  • Real-time transaction and position reporting
  • On-demand confirmation and execution history reports
  • Multiple profit & loss models including LIFO, FIFO, HPFO, LPFO.
  • Trading stats and volume breakdown reports at any level of aggregation
  • All outputs available in rich PDF format, flat files and REST API/JSON

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