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BCB Group's Social Responsibility Initiative

We believe

We believe in innovation to solve the most pressing issues of today, so that together we can create our tomorrow.

BCB Group pledges to commit 1% of net annual profits to philanthropy through the BCB Seed Foundation.

Our mission

The mission of the BCB Seed Foundation is to invest in innovative organisations that are accelerating our world towards a positive future.

Our vision

To contribute to a world that can be inclusive and sustainable for all.A business can lead from the front, linking itself inextricably with the responsibility for creating change.

How we help

By funding organisations that are:

  • Finding radical solutions to today’s problems.
  • Finding ways to change consumer behaviour for a more sustainable world.
  • Leveraging blockchain technology to promote a more inclusive society.
  • Developing and empowering the innovators of tomorrow, through access and quality of STEM education.

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