WELCOME TO BCB TREASURY The complete solution that lets you invest, hold, grow and diversify your company’s treasury into bitcoin The crypto investor on-ramp for non-crypto businesses

The first ‘all in one’ solution that lets you buy, sell, store and manage your bitcoin treasury safely and securely.


  • Treasury services for companies that wish to allocate part or all of their capital into bitcoin or other digital assets.
  • A complete, end-to-end service that helps you enter, hold, manage, grow and report your new bitcoin focused treasury strategy.
  • We do all the hard work from start to finish, walking you through every step of the process. Our unique industry experience and infrastructure ensure this is a seamless experience.
  • For clients who struggle to find crypto-friendly banking, we also provide market-leading business accounts to manage the entry and exits of your digital assets safely.

BCB Treasury is for any company, whether a bitcoin native or completely new to the world of digital assets. As an industry veteran, BCB Group is able to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Join the growing number of companies like MicroStrategy or Tesla, both large and small, looking to diversify their balance sheets away from low to negative yielding fiat or traditional investments.

Align with the list of companies already publicly acknowledging this move at bitcointreasuries.org and discover the key reasons behind Microstrategy’s decision to invest their treasury in bitcoin in our recent summary.



Our fully manned trading desk can help inform your trading decisions and facilitate entry and exit from any major fiat currency


Your digital assets will be stored in secure, cold storage. Accessible whenever you want


Your assets will be viewable and available, any time from your BCB dashboard. You will receive regular, customizable reports on all transactions and asset value


BCB can also help you generate yield on your assets to help your investment work for you 24/7/365


We provide clients direct communications with the BCB Group team of operators, traders, technology and account management. We offer an unrivalled, uniquely high-touch customer service.

  • More and more key firms are realising they need to move away from holding spare capital in low or negative yielding fiat.
  • Companies like MicroStrategy have already undertaken the time-consuming due diligence to provide a resource to help navigate a corporate bitcoin strategy.
  • Bitcoin has outperformed every asset class for the past four years and has proved its value as a high-velocity, fungible and secure store of wealth.
  • Both regulation and infrastructure are now in place to allow this to happen safely.


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