We recently announced the launch of BCB Engage to provide female investors with a trusted route to learn about and access digital currencies. BCB Engage increases access for women to cryptocurrencies through three key avenues: raising awareness, providing educational insight, and enabling participation through BCB’s established brokerage platform.

Raising Awareness

We’ve gathered a selection of women in crypto and blockchain that are worth keeping an eye on. We’d love to see your suggestions of who should be added so we can highlight their work. This list is meant as an example of the different ways you can get involved.

It’s a common misconception that you need to be a software engineer or be ‘techy’ to be involved in crypto or blockchain, but as you’ll see from the small selection below, women from a wide range of sectors (including media and marketing, legal, and business and finance to name a few) are making their mark and shaping the landscape.

Media & Communication

Kelsey Cole One of Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing. A co-founder and managing partner of www.adbank.network who believe their team will be the ones to create a new ecosystem for digital advertising on the blockchain.

Tina Hui CEO and founder of Follow The Coin, has been interested in Bitcoin since 2013 when she took up a consulting project focused on cryptocurrency mining. Follow The Coin Labs has become an innovation collective providing education, a hub, community and resources in support of impactful and meaningful projects, inclusive of crypto.

Laura Shin is a crypto/blockchain journalist and host of the podcasts Unchained and Unconfirmed. Formerly a senior editor at Forbes, she was the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full-time. She has a BA from Stanford University and a MA from Columbia Journalism School.

Caterina Ferrara founder at Blockchain Ladies, an international community born to connect all women involved in this field: professionals, hackers, developers, cryptotraders, entrepreneurs, investors, tech-loving women, all supporters of this new disruptive technology. Caterina has dealt with communication for 12 years, specialised in Science & Techonology and has been a researcher for 6 years.

Helen Disney founder of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, education and information. Unblocked makes Blockchain technology accessible for a non-technical business audience. They act as a bridge between the technical and business worlds, helping executives to understand the opportunity Blockchain technology offers their business.

Business and Finance

Sandra Ro is the CEO at Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) which brings together founding members from over 40 countries to advance global understanding of Blockchain technology. Prior to this, Sandra was Executive Director, Digitisation at CME Group, and responsible for the company’s digital asset and blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) initiatives. Previously as Executive Director Foreign Exchange (FX) Research and Product Development she was responsible for the global development of CME Group FX solutions within listed and cleared OTC products.

Olga Feldmeier, CEO of blockchain startup, Smart Valor an alumnus of the UBS banking group is focused on enabling ‘high net worth’ individuals to purchase assets using blockchain- administered tokens that can subsequently be bought or sold in a secondary marketplace.

Caitlin Long has 22 years of corporate finance experience, with Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Salomon Brothers and was Managing Director on Morgan Stanley’s internal blockchain working group before becoming Chairman & president of enterprise blockchain company Symbiont in 2016.

Amber Baldet, J.P. Morgan’s former head of blockchain launched a new blockchain start-up called Clovyr. “It’s a way to help people think differently about decentralised application design,” Baldet says. Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to the blockchain domain. More than just a development framework, Clovyr is an ecosystem of applications and services that empowers teams of all sizes to experiment, iterate, and grow products to production much faster than before.

Lidia Bolla is CEO of vision& a Swiss based, SRO-regulated asset manager facilitating access to innovative blockchain investment opportunities, based on professional investment research and integrated into a traditional banking framework. Lidia brings in vast experience in quantitative finance, asset management and complex tech projects. Before co-founding a startup in the field of machine learning applications, Lidia was Managing Partner of a Swiss advisory boutique specialising in quantitative finance

Jalak Jobanputra is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She founded the early-stage venture capital fund, FuturePerfect Ventures in 2014. Prior to founding the fund, Jobanputra served as a director at Omidyar Network and as a senior vice president at the New York City Investment Fund. She’s been an investor in blockchain technology since 2013 and is actively promoting knowledge sharing to foster diversity in the nascent sectors of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. To nurture the next generation of transformative companies and leaders who are developing and realising the full economic and social potential of blockchain technology through http://collectivefuture.io.

Marieke Flament is the CMO of Circle who are looking to make it possible for everyone, everywhere to create and share value. Unlike existing systems that are closed and proprietary. Circle use open internet standards and protocols, including blockchain technology, to build their products. Marieke has worked across several fields (Telecom, Finance, Strategy and Marketing). She’s also a board member of the Woman in Finance Charter.

Stephanie Ramezan is a Partner at Digital Asset Group who are a bridge between traditional and digital financial services firms, bringing together the tradition of regulated banking and exchange with emerging innovation and blockchain technology. They will provide traditional banking services and solutions for digital asset businesses, as well as facilitate an entry into the emerging blockchain economy for existing regulated financial services firms.


Elizabeth Stark is a huge fan of open source, decentralised protocols. She taught at Stanford and Yale where her students studied peer-to-peer technology, privacy, open source software, and memes. She is a co-founder of Lightning Labs, an open protocol layer that leverages the power of blockchains and smart contracts to make cheap, fast, private transactions available to anyone around the world.

Elvina Kamalova specialises in researching, advising and investing in blockchain companies. She is performing qualitative and qualitative analysis of selected ICO platforms. Her advising focus areas include Investment Structure, Token Economic & ICO Performance. Elvina’s professional career began as a strategic financial technologist for the world’s largest financial institutions at EY USA

Karyl Fowler got started in the crypto space in 2014 researching the first Bitcoin ATMs as a writer for a local entrepreneurship publication. She’s currently CEO and Co-Founder at Transmute Industries, which aims to make blockchain easy for enterprises. It is focused on accelerating commercial adoption of blockchain technologies by leveraging opensource developer tools designed to simplify smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain. The Transmute Framework provides a familiar event-based javascript interface for developers.

Arianna Simpson is an early stage investor with close to 40 investments to date. Before she started investing, Arianna was at BitGo, where she was the third employee. Prior to BitGo, she worked at Facebook in Global Marketing Solutions and at Y Combinator-backed Shoptiques, where she ran sales. She developed a strong interest in cryptocurrencies about 5 years ago, which is when she first started investing in Bitcoin. She is the MD of investment firm Autonomous Partners.

Cristina Dolan Cristina is the Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum. She is the former President of the MIT Club of New York and former member of the MIT Alumni Association Selection Committee and COO. Cristina is Co-Founder of iXLedger Technologies who are pioneering a platform called InsureX which is a marketplace for insurers, reinsurers and brokers to trade insurance products directly.

Dr. Mihaela Ulieru is an early blockchain pioneer working to push the current economic wave in favour of the 99%. With roughly 20 years of experience in distributed systems, Ulieru is a champion of leveraging technology to spur economic development, and was responsible for the World Economic Forum recognising blockchain as a Top 10 Emerging Technology in 2016. She is currently Chief Alchemist at Endor.coin.


Yvette Valdez is a financial regulatory and transactional lawyer advising clients on the complex regulatory challenges in developing cryptocurrency and cryptoasset technologies, token sales and market infrastructure, and trading, clearing and settlement solutions on distributed ledger technology.

Joshua Ashley Klayman is one of the best known Blockchain and Cryptocurrency lawyers in the world. Recognised by Chambers and Partners as one of the top 12 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency lawyers globally, Ms. Klayman co-founded and has led since its inception Morrison & Foerster’s global Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group, which she currently Co-Chairs and which includes over 70 lawyers.

Footnote: If any of the women feel I’ve misrepresented them in my research, please email me at bridget@bcbgroup.io with your update and I will make the edits.

Starting as an Independent Financial Advisor, Bridget pivoted her career to emerge as a pioneer in financial services social media. A founding director of Financial Social Media UK, Bridget has attracted multiple industry awards. Aware that technology marches forward no matter your view point on how it might disrupt incumbents in your market place, especially in traditional industries, Bridget vehemently believes that staying in front of technology is essential to survival and success. How you can harness these changes, rather than deny, impede and ultimately be left behind, is the key for best serving your clients and customers.